David FooksDavid Fooks — Graphic Design | Illustration | Painting | Art Direction: Pop Up Shop

Pop Up Shop

July 7th, 2012

Pop Up Shop was put together by Tasmanian clothing designer Ali Pyrke as a temporary three week shop, featuring local Tasmanian hand made art, craft and design. Open from Feburary 10th to March 2nd 2012, the shop offered a variety of work, such as prints, soft furnishings, jewelry, paintings, accessories, sculpture, clothing, and transformed objects. I was asked by Ali to create a suitable eye catching identity for the shop, that would help to entice people to investigate the temporary space.

‘The impermanence of the shop is an excellent platform to represent local artists and allows for experimentation with retail, without potential stagnation of commitment to the permanent ownership of a space.’ — Ali Pyrke.


Pop Up Shop 1


Pop Up Shop Post Card


Pop Up Shop 2


Pop Up Shop 3


Pop Up Shop 4


Pop Up Shop 5