WBYK are a multi-disciplinary illustration and design studio run by Sonny Day & Biddy Maroney. Sonny and Biddy  live and work in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.

These are the buggers getting all the sexy gig poster work in Aus these days. And for good reason. Their unique and instantly recognisable style is full of colourful eccentricity, with a screen-printed, tactile aesthetic reflective of vintage B grade film posters. Lashes of grain and texture with a contemporary digital colour pop. Check out the amazingness…












Dan Cassaro / Young Jerks

Dan Cassaro a.k.a Young Jerks is a designer, animator, and illustrator living
and working in Brooklyn, New York.

He specialises in a very distinctive style of custom type and logo design, with a vintage aesthetic not too dissimilar to the work of fellow New York designer Jon ContinoIt’s everywhere these days, but I’m eating it up like it’s no-ones business. Awesome stuff.













Adam Hill / Velcrosuit

Adam Hill a.k.a. Velcrosuit is an amazingly talented Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa. Check out some of his work below…











Leif Podhajsky

Through his many contemporary album covers and band artwork, many are already quite familiar with the work of Australian artist and designer Leif Podhajsky. He’s put together artwork for the likes of Lykke Li, Tame Impala, Shabazz Palaces, Young Magic, Grimes, and many more. His work itself, while delivered in different forms and over different projects, carries a unique style, dismantling and layering found imagery and experimental analogue film photography to create otherworldly ethereal scenarios. His work builds these endless repetitive wormholes and kaleidoscopic patterns, as a nod to the natural world; the psychedelic experience; and the idea of a unified collective consciousness. You can check out more of his work here.














New Work | Mid-Winter Ghost Marathon T

T-shirt design for a Dragon Boating Tasmania fundraising event. The T can be seen paddling down the Yukon River, on the streets of New York, on Hong Kong Harbour, and all over Australia.






Olly Moss – “The Dark Knight Rises” Print

In honor of the release of Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises”, Renowned illustrator Olly Moss has created a limited edition print for sale at while stocks last. I’m pretty psyched to see the final chapter this evening, I might just invest in one of these myself — if they haven’t sold out already.  Check out more of Olly’s work below from last years iconic “Paper Cuts” series.
















Jon Contino

Check out the amazing hand drawn typographic illustrations from New Yorker Jon Contino.
Including some excellent graphics for one of my favorite TV shows: FX Network’s “Louie”. Enjoy!











Studio Buddies

My current studio is disbanding, with occupants moving interstate and to other spaces. So in honour of the team I thought i’d post a group of illustrations I made of everyone when we first moved in.


Sexy gifs

Beautiful animated gif designs for Respublica Bookstore Reel on Behance.

Motion — Pavel Paratov
Design — Stas Leontev
Audio — Vasiliy Filatov