Music Video

Flying Lotus — Putty Boy Strut | Music Video

Check out the crazy-awesome new animated music vid from FlyLo, featuring machines gobbling up other machines, and growing into bigger machines. Directed by the one and only Cyriak.

The new Flying Lotus album ‘Until The Quiet Comes’, drops October 1st/2nd. Can not wait.


Dirty Projectors — Hi Custodian

Dirty Projectors have just released their short film/music video Hi Custodian to coincide with their amazing recently released LP Swing Lo Magellan. Written, Directed and staring front-man David Longstreth along with his band-mates in a series of picturesque scenarios, Hi Custodian definitely deserves a watch. Check it out below.


iamamiwhoami — Kin

In December 2009, a series of bazaar, very well produced teaser video snippets were released anonymously online; which soon began a flurry of speculation all over the music-blogger community over their source. The quality of the releases suggested a new music project by a possibly already established artist. Guesses to the origin were sparse, from Lady Gaga, to The Knife, to Trent Reznor. The next round of more fully formed music videos in 2010 unveiled her identity as Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee, soon identifying the project under the moniker iamamiwhoami (I am am I who am I). The videos where thematically dense and imbued with coded messages and folk-lore symbolism.

On June 11 this year, iamamiwhoiami released the debut album Kin. In keeping with the audio-visual nature of the project, every track was released with its own accompanying music video, each thematically tying in with the next. The existence of this surrounding wondrous universe seems to give another dimension to the haunting electro-pop when solely listening to the audio. The strength of her song-writing however stands alone as something truly dense and mystifying, with a simplistic pop-driven heart.

Watch the videos for album highlights ’Sever’ and ‘Kill’ below. And check out every one of her amazing videos here.






Sebastien Tellier & Caroline Polachek (Chairlift) — Rendez-vous sur

Both of these artists have separately released some of my favorite tunes this year, and here they are together on an amazing new track for Air France Music’s Side by Side project. You can connect to quite an impressive app on facebook which lets you fade back and forth between Sebastien and Caroline’s video and vocal parts. Check it out here.